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A forum for LGBTQ members of the Irish Travelling and Roma Community, those that support there right of expression and wish to construct a way to mediate between the community, culture and sexual identity.Feel free to chat, commune, seek and give advice.
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 St Dunstan's prayer in Kant

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PostSubject: St Dunstan's prayer in Kant   Fri Nov 27, 2009 2:52 pm

Saint Dunstan
Safe Travel – Slui'm Misli'ar

Saint Dunstan, born in 909 in the village of Baltonsborough, Somerset, just a few miles south of Glastonbury, with the emblem of the horse shoe he is the Patron Saint of Blacksmiths, Horses and along side Saint Christopher he is often invoked for safe travel. In Shelta it can be given the title of 'Sluim Misli'ar' meaning 'Safe Journey'.

Saint Dunstans Prayer in English
Saint Dunstan, you over came great trials and challenges in life, let your strength strengthen my petition. Amen.

Saint Dunstans Stafaris in Shelta
Nus'fein Dustan, duilsha misla h'orlsk bu'ra ang nyuklyoar'a gradim , bo'g duilsha thaadjir thaadjiren mi stafaris. Staish Amen.
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St Dunstan's prayer in Kant
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