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A forum for LGBTQ members of the Irish Travelling and Roma Community, those that support there right of expression and wish to construct a way to mediate between the community, culture and sexual identity.Feel free to chat, commune, seek and give advice.
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 Heavely Healing Touch!

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PostSubject: Heavely Healing Touch!   Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:29 am

I vaeugly remember the threat of being brought to a priest when i was younger, it seemed to be the general opinion in the travelling community that they could cure anything. I was being brought for my rebellious way's i.e not doing what "normal youngfella's" did. Somehow a priest would make ya wanna go from playing hop-scotch in the shool yard with the girls (and other couple of lads i found in future to be gay) too playing football and squaring up for fights behind the Outdoor shelters!

I remember having an irrational fear of the Confession Box on any of our bi-monthly trips to knock, the priest i thought would discover i had an attraction to men and not girls or women. The priest would then (in my head) want to speak to my mother about what he discovered, too consider the best course of action. The generic "bless me father i have sinned, i called me sisters name's, i don't do what me mammy ask's, i hide dinner in me pockets to go out playin (all in my most manly voice) would all be rhymed off to get outta there Quick!

Got no question really for this post, just puttin out there Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Heavely Healing Touch!   Mon Oct 19, 2009 6:48 am

I read this with a smile :-)
Prince I've had the same type of experience myself. In part due to the residual earlier belief of supernatural power claimed by the clergy and proficated by the community. Anytime when younger when I had an argument the parents would threathen to send me to the local church - I guess in desperation the divine powers come in handy and when our mere mortal ways fail to bring success against conflicts who else but those 'closer to god' to help :-)
My grandmother however hinges on the clerical words like water in the desert - times change but I still cant help but find myself both wary and in reverence to the white collar. Darn it!
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Heavely Healing Touch!
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