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A forum for LGBTQ members of the Irish Travelling and Roma Community, those that support there right of expression and wish to construct a way to mediate between the community, culture and sexual identity.Feel free to chat, commune, seek and give advice.
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 Crafts: Weaving a Saint Brigid Cross

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PostSubject: Crafts: Weaving a Saint Brigid Cross   Fri Sep 25, 2009 5:05 am

Weaving a Saint Brigid Cross

Saint Brigid cross is a spiritually crafted cross used for her guidance, protection, aid and insight. It is most often hung within the home or anywhere were its qualities are most needed.

Gather together:
Some string.
Twenty eight straws of wheat or rushes, and strip away the heads from the stalk.


Step 1. Immerse the straw in a tub of cool water with some Holy water added, and leave for about thirty minutes.

Step 2. When this is done let it dry wrapped up in a towel for fifteen minutes or leave out in the warmth of the sunshine until they are ready.

Step 3. When you are satisfied with the results position two straws to make a plus sign, putting the horizontal straw on the top. Fold the upper section of the vertical straw on top of it's other half.

Step 4. Then rotate the weave counter clockwise ninety degrees and repeat to fold the now-vertical straw.

Step 5. Rotate again ninety degrees counterclockwise and add another straw by placing it to the right of the folded vertical straw and beneath the folded horizontal straw.

Step 6. Fold it and rotate it again.

Step 7. Keep repeating this process with taking care not to let the straws bunch up on top of each other, resting the straws side by side.

Step 8: Finally after all the straws have being added in equal measure on the cross tie each arm with the string, this is done about four or so inches from the centre of the cross.
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Crafts: Weaving a Saint Brigid Cross
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